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Hello! Welcome to my world!

I’m Sara – A launch course specialist laser-focused on results. I’m also a tech lover, copywriter, and market researcher with a background in coding and administration.

What do all these skills have in common?

Well, put them all together
and you get the secret sauce of a complete course launch!

With my combined experience, I bring all those crucial skills to help you develop and launch a profitable course in the field that you know best.

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Get to know me better

When I was 15, I gave a speech to my class about how much I wanted to become a cartoonist. Today, I’ll still pull out my digital drawing board and sketch up something quick and fun to make a marketing email more interesting.

I live in Gateshead, UK. That’s six hours from London by car, so no, I’ve never seen the king, or the late queen, for that matter. But you can rely on some British sophistication colouring (yes, with that spelling!) your launch!

I waited 15 years for my only sister to be born. So I know what it’s like to have your hopes dashed five times before they are fulfilled. Perhaps that’s why I’m so determined to help people succeed the first time around…

You can read the testimonials of the business owners who send my emails.

But what about the recipients who get my emails?

Here’s some sales sequence feedback!

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