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Like this course creator:

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Rabbi Saberski, Halocho Workshop

I launched a course on my own, and was dismayed by the results. I then started working with Mrs. Peltz for future launches, and I was amazed with how much she knew. Through her extensive research, she thoroughly understood the audience I was targeting, and created the perfect launch strategy and copy. By the next launch, I 4x'ed the amount of signups, and my email list grew exponentially. Mrs. Peltz provides excellent service and produces quality work. I highly recommend using her successful process for course launches.

How it works


Schedule a free consultation
Here’s where we’ll explore your course idea, speak about your vision, and see if we can work together. I will recommend a tailored package based on where you are holding in your course launch journey.


Research and discovery
At this point, we will schedule another call for an in-depth discovery session. In my own time, I will then take a deep dive into researching your industry and target audience.


Making it happen
Here where we work together to make your project happen.


Marketing asset creation
Based on customer interviews, market research, and competitor analysis, I will craft emotionally-rich, persuasive copy that laser-targets the people who have been looking for you all their life.


Launch Strategy
Once the meat and potatoes of the marketing is done, we’ll launch it into cyberspace. This is the most rewarding and energy-high part of the process - watching the sales tumble in! Each email payment notification is another validating feather in your cap.


Compare and contrast
After the numbers are in, we will analyze what worked, what could have been better, how it compared to previous launches, and how it compared to others in your field.

60-90 min Email Lists: Why you need one and how to grow it. 

60-90 min 10 Pivotal decisions: Things you have to decide before you start creating

60-90 min Validation: The key strategy to figure out if people will want to buy your course

60-90 min Outlining and recording: How to come across as a master teacher.

60-90 min The funnel: How to plot your customer journey. 

60-90 min Webinars: How to give a webinar that helps people decide to enroll

3 90-minute strategy sessions

We’ll figure out who your target audience is, and chart the course of your customer’s journey

3 landing pages 

Online stops that will explain to your soon-to-be customer what to do next – and persuade them to do it.

2 autoresponders

Comfort emails that you don’t have to send, Letting people know that they’re all registered or their payment has gone through.

4 emails + setup in ESP

Webinar invitation sequence – fill up your webinars with potential buyers (and I’ll set it all up in your email software.)

Sales page

The crowning glory of all your launch promo assets! A fascinating, absorbing page all about your course and what it’ll do for your people. 

7 Sales Sequence emails + setup

The place where things happen. Later, when these objection-busting emails go out, you’ll see the enrollment list skyrocket.

Designer + tech liaising

You want the design to make the words on your sales page explode, not mute them! I’ll keep in touch with your designer and make sure it happens.

2 strategy sessions

There is so much to plan! Your launch calendar, who’s doing what, and where everything is going to happen.

Email scheduling

You have your emails all written up, but when to send them? I’ll figure that out and set it up, so that they send while you sleep.

Automation creation

Get a series of emails that automatically send one after the other, with a series of pauses and conditions baked in.

ESP management

There is a lot happening in your ESp during the launch. You want an expert eye on it, to ensure that nothing goes awry and the valuable

hours of launch week are maximized 

On-hand for questions

It won’t be a launch if you don’t need targeted, on-the-spot advice. I’ll answer your questions so you can convert more people in real-time.

Last-minute optimizations

Sometime, during a launch, I’ll get last-minute inspiration to boost your open and click-rates. I’ll make that happen!

Lead magnet creation

The catalyst for your email list growth, let’s plan an asset that makes your audience say “If this is free, imagine what the paid resources are like!”

Payment processor setup

Which processor is the best for you? After you decide, I’ll set it up for success.

ESP set-up

The most important piece of technology you’ll ever invest in for your course, you want to ensure this is set-up right from the get go,

so the right people get the right emails at the right time.

Want to pick the best from each package? Looking for something else? 

We can do that too. 

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Rabbi Dovid Ehrman Zobin Kriyah Institute

I was in touch with Mrs. Peltz when I was relaunching my course. She restructured and strategised the launch with impressive results. She showed me the importance of utilizing an email list, and wrote fantastic email and web copy that resonated with the target audience. Mrs. Peltz completely invested herself in the course launch, and was a pleasure to work with.

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