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Here’s a step-by-step case study of a successful Halocho Workshop Launch. 

Launch number 5 for  Halocho Workshop Ltd

It was a great experience launching Halocho Workshop’s “Steam Kashrus 101”!

  Let’s dive into some of the details.

Stage 1:

Are people even interested in this course?

Pretty important to find out!

I sent out an online survey to the Halocho Workshop email list, and at the same time, asked for volunteers to help me out with a quick call. I got plenty of great responses.
When I email a list, I’m deeply cognizant that each address belongs to a lovely person, open to building a genuine relationship with me.

The letter I sent to the list
email from dina to sara
The online form
oven microwave and steam image
Here’s a follow-up email I sent, asking for further results
bar chart
blow through the haze

Using the information gleaned from the survey, it became clear that Halocho Workshop’s audience were most anxious to learn about Steam Kashrus

For that reason, I named the course:
“Steam Kashrus 101: Get confident in stove, oven and microwave halacha” and advised the creator to make that aspect of the course a focus.

Stage 2:

Time to get writing!

Every email and landing page has been carefully optimized to speak directly to the target audience’s pain points and persuade them to buy. An educational “taster” webinar is promoted by a short email series. Immediately following that, a series of sales emails encourage people to visit the highly-persuasive long-form sales page.

The webinar landing page
blow through the haze
Software: Mailchimp - view
The Sales page

Software: Mailchimp - view

The text was formulated based on the customer research from this and past courses. I created the images using AI technology and online mock-up tools.

The salespage converted 8% of visitors

I wrote two email sequences. The first, consisting of 3 emails, persuaded people to sign up for the webinar. The second, comprised of 7 emails, encouraged people to sign up for the course.

The Webinar emails
emails bar chart

The open and click rates

A highlight:
highlight of blow through the steam

Email #3 takes the cake! A hilarious AI generated picture + a series of targeted questions with linked answers, I think this one’s a winner.

The Sales Emails
sales emails bar chart

The open and click rates

A highlight:

It’s easy to choose a favorite! All of the emails were from “Sara Peltz.” With one exception: Sales email #6. It was from “Your oven” and acted as a fantastic pattern interrupt, getting a bumped up open rate.

How many people signed up?

Although this was the first time Halocho Workshop was running this particular course, 40 people enrolled, the largest number of registrants ever!

Great company. Great Launch. I’m looking forward to the next one!

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